The Team

Lush Organic Hair and Spa would not be, without its wonderful team. – Lush’s team are dedicated to the salon, its clients and each other ensuring everyone’s needs are meet. It is truly a recipe for a very successful salon.

09_Lush Staff Portraits

Hi I’m Nanette Barter, Founding Director of Lush Organic Hair and Spa, the first true Certified Green Salon in Australia. My passion stems from my health struggles in the hair industry, I’m lucky to be here today. See my story………..

Hi I’m Laura Barter, the first green cosmetologist in the world, trained under the world standard for beauty and spa therapy “Cidesco.” I definitely got my passion for all things green from my mum Nanette Barter, growing up I knew I wanted to follow in her footsteps. I chose to become a beauty therapist with a twist and have been servicing clients for five years. My specialty is makeup applications and I am often sort out for assignments.

Hi I’m Bridget Turvey, the Manager at Lush Organic Hair & Spa. I have been in the hairdressing industry for 13 years. Being a part of Lush has brought a whole new passion to hairdressing for me. I love that we are constantly evolving and moving forward with our green approach to hairdressing while still maintaining fundamental skills. I like to ensure that our clients are provided with the best possible hair designs this is achieved by keeping up to date with the latest styles, colours and trends.



Hi I’m Megan Weir, I am a senior hair stylist at Lush Organic Hair & Spa and have been hairdressing for over 5 years. Since working at Lush Organic I no longer suffer from allergies, now I know that the chemicals I had been working with previously had been causing me to react not only with allergies but other related health issues. I love the creative side of hairdressing and enjoy making every person who comes into the salon feel happy and relaxed.


Hi I’m Brea Yeo, I am a senior hair stylist and colourist at Lush Organic Hair and Spa, with 20 years experience in the industry I’m passionate about delivering service and advice to my clients. This advice helps them to maintain their style and their hair goals without the compromise of using dangerous chemicals.

Hi I’m Kellie, a Beauty/ Massage therapist at Lush Organic Hair and Spa. I’m here to ensure every client feels totally relaxed and receives quality treatments from head to toe. I’ve been in the industry for 17 years working at various Spa’s and clinics. Working with the Lush team has been an enlightening experience, I love being part of a unique operation achieving beauty without dangerous chemicals.


Hi I’m Ellie Gall and I am a second year apprentice at Lush Organic Hair and Spa. I’ve had a passion for hairdressing from a young age and always dream’t of being a hairdresser. In the early days of my apprenticeship I was faced with many bad experiences, that was until I joined Lush Organic Hair & Spa. I have learn’t a lot about the art of hairdressing from my peers who support me everyday. My skills continue to grow under the guidance of a talented team and I look forward to expanding my knowledge in our Certified Green Salon.