Beware of so called Organic Hair Colour

Is there such a thing as Organic Hair Colour?
What does it mean for something to be Organic? Nothing really organic is a generic term that suppliers can use to market their products.  Under Australian law manufacturers don’t even need to have any organic ingredients in their products except one and that’s usually water, the rest of the ingredients can be synthetic. Some manufacturers that call their product Organic Hair Colour contain few if any ingredients that meet muster, they may contain ingredients to help moisture and hydrate the scalp but that’s where it ends. If your really looking for something that is truly Organic then you need to be looking out for Certified Organic. To use the term Certified Organic on products manufacturers have to show that at least 95% of their ingredients have come from pure non sprayed ethic means, often they are made up of extracts, oils, sea salt and water. You have to realise that hair colour contains pigment – mostly from petroleum pigment. These don’t come from agricultural products they are made in the laboratory so you have to wonder how are these guys getting away with this?

The way permanent hair colour works is that it needs to change the hair structure by opening up the cuticle, allowing colour penetration into the shaft. So to make this happen you need a developer that contains:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Ammonia
  • 2-methylresorcinol
  • Resorcinol      
  • PPD 
  • PTD
  • Toluene 2.5
  • Diamammine 

None of these are natural or organic, they are made synthetically, and they cause a myriad of health problems.

i.e. a developer (know as OCS) contains five Certified Organic ingredients – Alcohol, Symphytum official, comfrey root, aloe Vera leaf, citrus uranium dulcet, orange peel and citrus grands. These are your feel good ingredients the product actually needs an additional 25 ingredients added to it to make it work, these are not organic nor certified organic.

In conclusion, if you come across a so called Organic Hair Colour remember its all part of a marketing campaign. These products do not meet the Australian Organic Standards or any of the independent Organisational Standards for Organic.

Permanent hair colours are toxic, harmful to both humans and the environment.