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Lush Organic Hair and Spa is the first Certified Green Salon in Australia.

A Certified Green Salon is a Salon that has made a commitment to its Staff and clients to comply to strict guidelines & standards that exclude any toxic or harmful chemicals on the premises.
The standard is set in place so that hairdresser & clientele are confident that all services & products are clean, positive and free of any Dangerous Chemicals.
A Certified Green Salon must have all products on the premises checked and approved by an environmental Chemist & annually audited by a Certified Green Salon representative to retain its certification.

At Lush Organic Hair & Spa we have our own Green Living Wall which been made from recycled materials and has been installed not just to be aesthetically pleasing but to clean and purify the air. According to scientific research indoor environments may be ten times more polluted then the outdoor environment. Toxic fumes such as Formaldehyde, Benzene, Toluene and Carbon Monoxide pollute indoor areas causing what is known as “Sick Building Syndrome”. By fitting a green wall we are limiting the exposure to these toxins because plants absorb and clean pollutions from the air creating energy-rich oxygen.

PH Perfect Alkaline water filters have been fitted on our water stystem to ensure clean pure alkalised water for our skin, hair and for drinking.
The Benfits:
– Offsets the over acidic state of our bodies that is created by consumption of processed foods, soda drinks, pollution etc.
– Helps your pancreas to release beneficial bicarbonates into the blood and anti-oxidant properties preventing the buld-up of free radicals which are the beginning of disease.

Also, Eco Head water filters use up to 56% less water. They have been fitted on all our basins for water saving and extra filtration. Eco Heads contain Tourmaline Stones generating negative ions which soften the hair and re- introduce moisture and lost ion’s to dry frizzy and damaged hair, these stones also remove sediment such as dirt, chlorine and debris like rust and sand. Approved and certified by W.E.L.S (Australian water efficiency labelling scheme)


If you are interested in becoming a Certified Green Salon please visit below for more information

As a Certified Green Salon

We Focus on health, the environment, ecology and sustainability providing Professional Hair & Beauty cosmetic products that do not contain hazardous and environmentally harmful substances. We provide better understanding of the chemistry of hairdressing products, and only use products approved by Green Salon following European Green Salon Standards.

We respect your hair, skin and scalp to the highest degree. We offer alternative hair colour which is a clean and innovative colouring system and welcome you to a new and healthier experience in hair and beauty.

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Lush Organic Hair & Spa we believe that beauty does not have to cost you your health or the environment. Our alternative hair colour is a clean and innovative colouring system. We offer a wide range of affordable treatments, tailored to suit your individual needs.

Ladies Hair

When you visit us at Lush Organic Hair & Spa we strive to provide not only exceptional Hair Service but an all round experience that is second to none. An extensive consultation is booked for all new clients on your first visit so every detail about your wants & needs can be met. One of our non oxidising colour expects are equipped with the highest training not only in traditional hairdressing practices but are all graduates of the Certified Green Salon Course.


We are a unisex Hair Salon & Day Spa and have a full range of treatments tailored specifically for men.

Beauty and Spa

Be taken on a journey with one of our signature spa treatments designed exclusively by our experienced Beauty & Massage Therapists. At Lush Organic Hair & Spa, our menu aims to meet your highest expectations and provide you with an indulgent experience, offering a full range of services. Including Massage, Deluxe Facials, Nail Care and much more. Take time out to rejuvenate, relax and recharge.

Offering exciting new services and products. Healthy, organic and positively fantastic for both hair and beauty.


Nanette and The Team at Lush Organic provided such an amazing service. My hair has never been in such wonderful conditioner, thank you team!


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